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Et tu, Paul Pierce? - The Truth on Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, and More

You may have heard that Paul Pierce recently traveled to Spain. The Canadian Press touched upon it in this article, which caught my eye for three reasons:

1. Pierce maintained that team USA needs a gold more than the C's needed championship 17.

2. Pierce talked about playing in Spain at some point.

3. And then Pierce went out and jumped on the Jason Kidd bandwagon,

"And one individual stands out more than the others for the tournament: 35-year-old point guard Jason Kidd.

'He's able to push the tempo,' Pierce said. 'He's the only guy on that team that hasn't lost a game in international Olympic play. His experience in the Olympics is really going to help.'"

I've watched some footage of Team USA and the Kidd stuff is nauseating. At least twice I've seen players praise the Dallas Mavericks point guard in his presence and he absolutely loves it.

In other Paul Pierce news The Lakers Nation recently posted an English translation of a answer from this interview with The Truth. Granted my Español is not strong. In fact it's borderline non-existent. However, that seems accurate after my use of a crappy translator. Check it out for some Kobe Bryant talk.

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