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Daily Links 7/26

Globe   House in order about playing role     
Photos from dancers finals     
Baby dances, Pierce in Spain    
CelticsBlog   Young Rocket launching out of association?     
Thank you (mostly) inactive players     
Old point guards never die part 1    
LOY's Place   Rumors and free agent updates - Sasha  will whine on Lakers bench again edition   US team strong in special debut 
USA Basketball:  Casey at the Zone          
ESPN    Breaking down Team USA's defense      
The man who wanted to be a Globetrotter     
Melo staying away from the G word, even against Canada      
Wolves agree to multiyear deal with Ryan Gomes     
Lakers agree to terms with Vujacic on 3 year 15 M deal      
News Herald   Moscow rumor is all hot air      
Bostonist    Celtics dancers make us green   
Fan IQ   David Stern better start worrying immediately       
Eric Musselman's Basketball Notebook   Conditioning tests set the tone   
Lex Nihil Novi    Bird warns Sampson before game 6     
Sampson fight triggers Rockets' blowout                 
Hoopsworld   Evening scoop:  Another round of defections?     
Sports of Boston   Player review:  Sam Cassell   An early look at what may be in store in 2008-2009      
Plain Dealer    Cavs' West considering Russian offer   
Star Tribune   Wolves grab on to Gomes      
Parquet Pride   Is Childress' deal in Greece a sign of things to come?  

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