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Boston Celtics YouTube Magic: Ray Allen Joking Around

After just two posts the Green Bandwagon Summer Book Review series died a tragic death. Ultimately the amount of work that went into those posts did not translate into enough traffic or discussion. Conversely an inferior Stephon Marbury post continues to draw people to the Bandwagon. Odd. Still I understand why readers would be skeptical of other planned gimmicks. However, as you read this, all the posts for "Boston Celtics YouTube Magic Week" are saved and scheduled for publish. Yet another reason SB Nation 2.0 would have been helpful on Celtics Bandwagon, my original site. One or two of you may recall my ill-fated 24 hours of YouTube day. In fact I may revisit that concept later this summer. Regardless let's start this week with a light hearted Ray Allen clip. I had to post it mainly because Allen came off as somewhere between serious and over the top intense in Jackie MacMullan's epic profile of him 3 months ago. So it's nice to see he can be loose. In hindsight I should have realized that was the case. Realistically Allen would have punched Paul Pierce in the face at some point if it were not.

Ray teasing Sam (via Hrvoje1313)

Bonus Point - Watch that again and check out Brian Scalabrine attacking the pre game stretching routine as Allen and Sam Cassell take a far more casual approach. It really is the little things in life.

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