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Thank You Big Baby


Let's hear it for the Big Baby!  Who else could pull off a pose like that?  Only "a fellow of infinite jest."  Always with a ready smile.  Never taking himself too seriously.

Of course, all his gibes and gambols and flashes of merriment would be for naught if he couldn't play the game.  Twenty points against Detroit was enough to show he had game.  A bigtime defensive effort against Tim Duncan gave us even more hope. 

His rookie season was predictably up and down, but the ups were fun to watch.  He has an inate ability to create or find space to get rebounds and get his shot off.  That is something you can't teach.  He'll get better at some of the other things.  The game will slow down for him as he gains experience.  But he's already shown flashes of brilliance off the bench by giving the team an energetic boost.

He wasn't the most important player to come off the bench, but certain matchups made him the right man at the right time and he helped us win the Championship.  So for that, and for making us smile along the way, I thank you Big Baby.

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