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The Grade So Far

Jessica Camerato grades the Celtics offseason thus far.  A couple of samples:

Tony Allen: re-signed to 2-year contract Grade: C+ Which Tony Allen will show up next season? Will it be the fearless defensive specialist who showed potential with his ability to slash to the basket two years ago? Or, will it be the inconsistent bench warmer who has not completely bounced back from a gruesome knee injury? The Celtics are counting on the former and think Allen is finally healthy enough to be reliable on the floor. The departure of Posey will create more playing time for Allen to find his rhythm on the court, but whether he is dependable enough to earn those minutes is yet to be seen.

Patrick O'Bryant: signed to 2-year contract via free agency Grade: B- Patrick O'Bryant is a relative unknown in the NBA after riding the bench for the Golden State Warriors during the last two seasons. O'Bryant struggled under Don Nelson's system without consistent playing time and a defined role, but the Celtics should find minutes for him behind foul-prone Kendrick Perkins. Even though O'Bryant has yet to reach his potential as a former ninth overall pick, assistant coach Clifford Ray has worked his magic with underdeveloped big men in the past. O'Bryant could prove to be a bargain or the Celtics could be begging P.J. Brown to come back again.

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