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Tim Donaghy and Free Agent Frenzy

- After it was all said and done Tim Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison. I just caught Lester Munson on ESPN. Munson was shocked at the length due to Donaghy's cooperation and argued that without the media glare Donaghy would have gotten probation. Munson also believed the sentencing was the final chapter. I'm not so sure.

- Nenad Krstic is headed to Europe to ply his trade. Much like former Net Bostjan Nachbar, Krstic was not able to reverse the fortunes of a franchise that failed to make the playoffs, in the East no less, last season. Still I always felt Krstic and Nachbar could play.

- Ricky Davis is headed to the Clippers. My first reaction? That seems like a bad idea. Although at the end of the day Davis gets buckets. Hat tip TrueHoop.

- I'm not sure how I feel about the state of basketball when Jorge Gargajosa decides to leave the NBA and Kwame Brown gets $8 million over 2 years. Am I off on this one?

- I like Emeka Okafor's game. But at that price? Does that come with a post game?

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