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Celtics Looked Into Delonte West

The News-Herald reports: (hat tip Red's Army)

A league source said Boston and Miami have approached the Cavs regarding sign-and-trades. The source said they were turned down by the Cavs.  "To quote another team, 'Why should we negotiate for the Cavs?' " Goodwin said. " 'If we make an offer, all they'll do is match.'  "Teams hide behind the first refusal clause - the right to match anything. Other teams see value in West, but Cleveland doesn't."

A source said West wants a five-year contract. The Cavs have offered several options, including a four-year deal with the final year a team option.  One source doesn't think West should get the full mid-level ($5.6 million) in the first year of a possible deal. But the source said he thinks West should be in that range and average $5 million over the course of the deal. Reportedly, the Cavs are not in that ballpark.

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