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YouTube and Stars of the Past

Looking at Shawn Kemp's highlights a couple of days back made me think about guys that played before the YouTube era. For some of them there is simply not a lot of footage about them. Meanwhile, with others, such as Shawn Kemp, there are highlight clips but it is not the same. There is something about going the day after to catch up on the moves I watched or heard about from the night before. Anyways I've come up with a list of guys that would have been great to watch in the YouTube era. Consider the following before calling me a moron:

1. I put it in alphabetical order to avoid rankings debates.

2. I left MJ off simply because we definitely saw every aspect of his career and then some. He was marketed that well.

3. Obviously I left a lot of great talents off. Jerry West, Rick Barry, and Oscar Robertson come to mind. What can you do?

On to the list.

Len Bias *
Wilt Chamberlain
Bob Cousy
Lloyd Daniels *
Julius Erving
Connie Hawkins
Shawn Kemp
Pete Maravich
Bill Russell - for the defense alone
David Thompson

* I wish they had NBA primes. Still Daniels' high school footage and Bias' Maryland stuff would have been epic.

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