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Plan B Unlikely To Work For Dubs

With the Warriors having lost Baron Davis to the Clips and Gil Arenas unlikely to leave Washington, word is that the Dubs have tried another shot at roster improvement.

As reported by Sean Deveney of The Sporting News:

But here's what hasn't been known: Two sources report that the Warriors, flush with cap space now that they're not responsible for Davis' $17.8 million option, reached out with an offer to Clippers free-agent big man Elton Brand in an attempt to limit any potential PR damage from the loss of Davis. "Baron is very popular," one of the sources says, "and if they can't replace him with Gilbert, Elton is the next-best option."


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It appears that the Warriors may be misunderstanding the way Brand's head works.  The whole goal for him was to have the Clippers get better, particularly through adding a big-time player in the back-court.

By pulling Davis away from Oakland, the Clips did just that.  Hard to see Brand leaving a team he reportedly enjoys playing for now that he has the star guard he has long wanted.  In fact, he is rumored to be willing to take a pay cut in order to stay.

This likely isn't a route worth pursuing for Golden State. 

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