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Boston Celtics YouTube Magic: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo

First there was LeBron's Powerade commercial, which had the epic "That's an 80 footer" line that sounded eerily similar to Dave Chappelle impersonating a white person. Just thought I'd throw that last bit out there. Of course NBA fans know the players love to mess around with deep shots, tricky shots, and deep, tricky shots,  even in retirement. So it was good to see Kevin Love come along and restore our faith in the full court shot. I love that stuff. Of course I was even more fired up to see Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo sink some half court shots with a high degree of difficulty. And if these were somehow faked as part of a Reebok ad campaign, all I can say is, "Damn you LeBron."

Rondo and Allen doing crazy half-court shots (via Hrvoje1313)

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