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Boston Celtics YouTube Magic: Rajon Rondo and Fake McHale

Yesterday's clip is directly responsible for me finding this footage, which appears to be two guys recreating Rajon Rondo's top 7 plays of 2008. I say "appears" because I only recognize a few of the plays. Although I appreciate the effort, if not the comments section. Of course I tend to enjoy this type of production, dating back to my days at Celtics Bandwagon. So allow me to plagiarize myself by ripping off an old post:

New School Meets Ol' Skool (2000) (via jedislurpee)

1. I'm not evenly remotely close to the point where “I gotta go party and stuff” does not make me chuckle.

2. The kid who utters the party line looks at his wrist to check the time. The video quality is such that it’s hard to tell, but I do not believe that he is wearing a watch.

3. Robert Bickerstaff (McHale) wears a shirt with #55 on the back and #15 on the front. McHale wore #32. This is at least the 10th time I've watched this and only now did I pick up that it is Keith McHale. I am confused.

4. Every time Bickerstaff shoots they cut to a ball going in the basket without showing how it got there. That’s understandable. But I’m not sure how I feel about a few of the shots where the ball entered the basket from an angle that was drastically different from where he shot it. I've actually reached a verdict on this one - Awesome.

5. I enjoyed the fake dunk.

Overall this clip borders on the surreal. It has some cult potential. It also could be a cautionary tale that would be effective as the centerpiece of interventions.

Catch Rondo's real top plays after the jump. I dare you to come up with a rational explanation, other than the Denver Nuggets hate boxing out, for why the #9 play was so low.

Rajon's Top 10 Plays Of The 2007-2008 Season - Most Improved (via RajonRondoVideos)

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