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Daily Links 7/30

Herald   New set of stripes for Tim Donaghy    
Bobcats, Emeka Okafor agree on 6-year, $72 million deal    
NY judge sentences disgraced NBA ref to 15 months       
CelticsBlog    No Melo, but Nuggets-Knicks deal intrigues       
Thank you Leon Powe     
When bad players happen to good bloggers       
LOY's Place    Rumors and free agent updates - Ron Ron on the move edition  

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ESPN      Rockets agree to send pick, Greene, Jackson to Kings for Artest      
Artest makes it a trio, boosting Rockets' offense, title hopes     
Artest gives Rockets a missing element        
1984: Bridging the gap between the young and the old       
Five NBA teams to partake in exhibitions against Euro powers    Rookie photo shoot gallery        
Examiner  When it comes to NBA players signing in Europe, Brian Shaw has been there  
Brian Shaw on Europe Part 2    
Brian Shaw on Europe Part 3       
Sports of Boston    Celtics player review:  Gabe Pruitt    
Too Old for Maxim    Paul Pierce put the pipe down     
Hoopsworld   Rockets acquire Artest    
Fox Sports    Donaghy scandal could ultimately benefit NBA      
Lex Nihil Novi    Finals predictions:  An accounting Vol I   
Cassell to be player coach?              
Game 4 comeback without commercials      
Ode to the purple:  A Celtics fan throws in the towel     
Live from APT    Kernals of Peace        
SunJournal    Planting seeds       
Plain Dealer    A memo to Delonte West  
Sports     The Boston Celtics:  A team shaping up for dominance in the NBA circuit     
Sporting News    Cavs still doing their best not to help LeBron    
Start Playing Leon Powe dot com     Celtics championship DVD review    
Sportz Undercover   NBA players can be a tough sell      
MVN Outsider     An NBA transfer of power?  West to East big time      
Can Danny?   The second wave            
Hoopsvibe    What Artest trade means for Houston, Sacramento and rest of NBA     

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