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TWolves Before/After

We all know the impact that the KG trade had on the Celtics, but how about the team that dealt him away?  How are the TWovles doing these days?  They didn't win many games last year, but their progress is clear on the bottom line and the future potential.  See this post by Canis Hoopus.

Although it was due to McHale's own mistakes, trading KG has led to a reformation of the team's roster. For all the criticism McHale and the management group took before and have taken since that fateful day, they've turned a tanking cap strategy consisting of a group of inadequate, often overpaid veterans and questionable potential that looked like this...

...and turned it into a roster full of youth, locked up cornerstones, a stash of picks and a shot at making a splash in free agency in the next few years. While the current state of the team is unproven, the last year's worth of transactions has left a McHale critic such as myself with less and less ammunition.

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