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FA Backup Point Guard Leans Toward Desert

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Sounds like Tyronn Lue's first concern is -- as usual -- going to a winner.

As reported by the Arizona Republic's renowned Paul Coro:

Tyronn Lue, a 10-year NBA veteran, said Wednesday that the Suns, the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks are his favorites. Boston might not make a big offer, either. Lue finished last season with Dallas, for which he played two minutes during the playoffs.

"I feel really good about the Suns," Lue said. "I want to go to a winning team and a good organization. They have both those things. I'd love to play with Nash and with Shaq (O'Neal) again. Hopefully we can work something out."

Lue considered the Suns in March, when the Sacramento waived him, but chose Dallas.

"I wanted to go to Phoenix, but I knew (former coach Mike) D'Antoni only played seven people in his rotation," Lue said. "With (new coach) Terry Porter there and Nash needing more rest, it'd be a great place for me."

Seems reasonable enough.  Coro goes so far as to report that if Lue signed in Phoenix, he would be likely to start a few games over the course of the season simply to give Nash the extra rest.

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While this has high potential to provoke a response from dedicated reader Who (an individual who on his own manages to represent one of the greatest check-and-balance systems we have here at CB -- in addition to the rest of our excellent readership), it would be good to see Lue get on a big-time team, perhaps even the Celts, if they can acquire him while avoiding major cost.  He isn't a scorer by any means or a big deal offensive player, but he is a professional point guard.  He knows how to run an offense, handles the ball well and is known for playing his heart out every time he steps on the floor.  Though he is now 31 years old and is seeing the beginning of the decline of his quickness, he is still a good defender.  Lue plays a physical game and won't back down from anybody.  It doesn't hurt that he's also a 38 percent shooter from deep for his career.

He would be an interesting fit to play some spot minutes for the Celts when they need some ball-handling and extra defensive presence, but no matter where it is, here's hoping Lue gets a shot to play with a contender. 

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