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More Maggette vs. Posey Rumors

Hoopsworld has the following rumors:

As the holiday weekend opens, there are some decisions to be made. Corey Maggette has told people that he has narrowed his list down to two main suitors – The San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics. Maggette has not made a final decision and will not likely announce a decision until after July 9th, when teams can officially start spending cap money.

The Boston Celtics may have tipped their hand too early with James Posey, when news of contact with Corey Maggette surfaced, Posey's camp got on the offensive opening talks with a number of interested teams including the Lakers. Sources close to the situation say if Boston does not come with a full boat (5-year) deal at the Mid Level, James has that from other teams.

So there you have it.  There's a real chance that Maggette could pick San Antonio (which a few outlets are calling his first choice) and Posey could take a full MLE offer from the Lakers and we'd be stuck without either one.

I'm a lead vocalist in the "In Danny We Trust" gleeclub, but remember that before this year he's had some spotty results in the free agent market (Scalabrine, Googs, Kandiman, and of course Mark Blount).  Is it time to start grumbling?

Probably not.  I think we can give him a little more rope than that.  After all, nothing has happened yet.  Let's see how this plays out before we go back to our normal offseason routine of complaining and gnashing of teeth.  Even if we wind up with neither free agent, there are other options out there.

Still, I can't wait till we get to the point where people are signing their names on the dotted line.  This whole process is starting to make me nervous. 

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