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Dave Cowens Biography Please

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My dad always talks about Dave Cowens in reverential tones because of plays like this one (both are sweet but it's all about the dive). He was 6-9 and would battle anyone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar included, at the center position. He ran like the wind, played possessed and went after rebounds as if his life depended on them, at least that's what I've been told. I was not alive then. But my favorite story of all time, one my dad told me many times, is recalled here by Bob Ryan:
"Stories? Hey, I got a million of 'em. How about the time an enraged Cowens, fed up with a second fake flop to draw an offensive foul in the same game, ran the Houston guard down in front of the Celtics' bench, leveled him with a double forearm shiver, and then ran over to referee Bill Jones.

'Now that's a foul!' he bellowed." - Bob Ryan

That brings me to the point of this post. I know a book about Cowens exists. I intend to buy it soon. But it was published in 1977. Are we sure it covers his cab driving stint? It definitely doesn't get into how his playing career ended. And I'm interested in his days as the coach of the Charlotte Hornets. Hmmm who could write it? I can't think of anyone who followed the C's back then. Anyone getting the sarcasm here? Of course there might not be a huge audience. Still who cares (would be publishers I guess)? Bob Ryan has nothing left to prove. Do it. As a side note where the hell is that Charles Oakley book? It's almost been a year. Come on now...




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