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Shawne Williams Says the Right Things

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Troubled Pacers forward Shawne Williams' name has come up in rumors since executive Larry Bird mentioned that Williams could be on thin ice as in Indy.

As reported by the Indianapolis Star's Jeff Rabjohns:

The object of pointed recent comments from Larry Bird, Williams emphasized he wants to remain a Pacer and harbors no hard feelings toward the team president.

"I just hope the thin ice don't break," Williams said. "I'm going to do everything in my power to keep it thin and try to thicken it up a little bit."

"He's got a job to do, and I've got a job to do. I didn't lose no respect for Larry," Williams said. "He's just doing his job. And he's right."

"I feel like I earned the fans back a little bit. I just have to stay out of trouble and keep a clean nose."

That all sounds well and good.  The question, as always, will be whether or not he can turn his words into actions.


The 17th pick of the 2006 draft has already had his share of off-court problems since he came into the league.  Williams has an arrest history, and he was also believed to have been harboring a murder suspect at his home last year.  The suspect was arrested fleeing in a vehicle owned by Williams and had been present with the forward when Williams had been involved in a previous run-in with the law.  Not exactly ringing character endorsements.

Williams has started just six games in two years as a Pacer and has averaged 5.6 points in 13.7 minutes per game for his career.  Here's hoping he gets his act together enough to give himself a true shot to live up to his on-court potential.

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