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Daily Links 7/5

Herald   No change on Posey front   
Globe   Ainge is big fan of summer camp   
Posey or Maggette?       
MetroWest Daily   Souza: Davis finds it's all about baby steps    
CelticsBlog   'Bockers continue long climb in small steps    
Courtside View   Rookie camp ends with one of three picks making it to Waltham 
LOY's Place   Celtics' assistant coaches are free agents too     
ESPN   Duhon picks Knicks over Magic, agrees to 2 year contract      
Hoopsworld    Top 8 free agent centers         
Lowell Sun   C's owners displayed trust - and Ainge, Rivers delivered    
Mansfield News  Shelby hoops legend reflects on Celtic pride      
Fox Sports   Money not always players sole motivation  
NBA Inside and Other Stuff   Ranking the white guys in the NBA    
Lex Nihil Novi   1986 C's go up 2-0 over Bucks       
Inside Bill Russell's brain        
Bleacher Report   Learning to cope with Kevin McHale    
Corey Maggette the next Celtic?       
Martha's Vinyard Photographer   Ray Allen on the 4th      
Washington Post    For $111 million we need more  
New England Sports Blog   Mag-get-him!! & Pose-ession??     
Patriot Ledger    Oh, Baby: Davis says he has more to give to C’s  

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