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Daily Links 6/7

Herald   Celtics deal with Green stuff     
Sun sets on Seattle     
Chalmers’ shot lands in Miami     
Globe    Is Spurs' golden age over?     
MetroWest Daily   Walker has positive outlook     
CelticsBlog   CelticsStuff Live tonight 8-10 ET       
Duhon signing a souring loss in O-Town?     
LOY's Place   Free agent rumors and updates      
ESPN   Ranking the best available free agents    
Hoopsworld   Free agency's biggest surprises     
The tax payers          
The all quirky team     
By the Numbers:   Free agency      
Red's Army     In appreciation of Red Auerbach      
Post Tribune   Guys such as Garnett make NBA age limit a senseless idea    
Public Opinion    Wizards overpaid to keep Gilbert Arenas       
Herald Bulletin   Pacers look to build the old fashioned way    Mr Giddens        
Bullets Forever   Right at the intersection of $16 million and ubuntu       
Yardbarker    Where is the money?      
Rak's New England Sports Blog   Maggette seeing green     
Lex Nihil Novi    James Posey locker room celebration interview    
The McHale - Ainge conversation (real or imagined)        
Ever heard of Neil Johnston?       
Larry Siegfried, the beginning       
FanHouse    Posey not feeling Boston's offer      
Bleacher Report   Lakers:  Who is the best free agent to pursue     
Tipton Notebook     Fans cry foul on Gators       
Dime    Rookie Orientation   

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