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It's Never Simple

No new news yet today, but I found a link that made me think (and yes, that rhymes).  Just so you know it is not as simple as "should we sign Posey or Maggette," I present to you one person's idea of what could happen out in Clipper land.  Bear with me here; though it be madness, there be method in it.  From Clips Nation:

What if Agent Falk really knows what he's doing here? What I'm asking is, how could this situation get better?

Step one: You make it clear what's going to happen. BD and EB are going to sign with the Clippers. You are going to lose your franchise star for nothing.
Step two: You let that painfully sink in. Let it just simmer and marinate for a few days. You let them thrash around in Free Agency and watch others pass them by.
Step three: You step back to the team losing its star and you offer to soften the blow.
Step four: You find another team that wants something else that you have. Like, for example, a 20ppg wing due a big payday and realizing he will have to play ball in order to get it.

What I am saying is, the hold up here may be because the Clippers are on the verge of something even better than we dare to imagine.

Golden State receives thier choice of Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups or Richard Hamilton.
Detroit receives Corey Maggette and Brevin Knight (salary matching purposes).
Los Angeles Clippers receive Baron Davis.

Two things to point out here.  1. This is only someone's idea.  There's no rumor here.  However, 2. Something along these lines can happen.  People seem to be taking it as a given that Maggette will have his rights renounced and the Clippers will simply sign Brand and Davis.  That is still perhaps the most likely thing to happen, but not the only senario by far.

So what does this mean to the Celtics?  I'm not sure, except to say that we don't know the half of what GMs around the league are pondering and angling for.  So stay tuned to CelticsBlog for further updates!

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