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Daily Links 7/7

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Herald   Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose set for 1st meeting as professionals   
Mario Chalmers hits the NBA with plenty to prove       
CelticsBlog  Rough road continues for one swamp man    
It's never simple      
LOY's Place   Monday rumors and free agent news      
Red's Army  In appreciation of the fans      

More Links After the Jump         

Sporting News   2010 vision:  Projecting LeBron James' destination    
NY Times   For Krzyzewski and US Basketball, Gold medal is the prize     
Hoopshype   Summer League rosters         
Detroit Bad Boys   Can the Pistons sign Corey Maggette?    
Arizona Republic   Finishing school for draft dropouts         
NewsOK   What they're saying about the Sonics' move to OKC      
APBR Metrics   Challenging the Celtics in 2009 playoffs          
Ballers Network   The Paul Pierce skills academy        
Don't Look Now   Monta Ellis sweepstakes is heating up     
ArmchairGM   NBA free agency for dummies    
Small White Ball      The 1990's Celtics:  10 guys you probably forgot about    
Gator Country   How good a recruiter is Donovan?         
Lex Nihil Novi   Let's play worst case scenario         
Do the Celtics play in Boston or LA?      
Hoopsworld   Pistons join the Maggette melee      
Global Basketball News  Clippers deserve better than what Brand & Kaman are giving   
And One   Joel Kimmel - Artist to the NBA       

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