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Bruce Bowen, Cartoon Character?

If so, then the Spurs' lockdown perimeter defender is none too happy about it.

Well, maybe he isn't all that unhappy about the character itself.  But the lack of revenue being directed his way sure is bothering him.

As reported by RealGM's Buster Gunning back in early June:

Who came first? Huckleberry Hound or Bruce Bowen?

That is the million dollar question, or to be specific, the 400-million dollar question.

Misunderstood San Antonio Spurs ' guard/forward Bruce Bown is currently involved in a brutal lawsuit over the marketing of Huckleberry Hound, the lovable blue Hanna-Barbara cartoon dog who still captures the hearts and imaginations of children and junior college students around the world.

According to Bowen’s lawyer Saul Mando Bowen is entitled to a portion of any revenues the Hanna-Barbara Corporation earns based on the Huckleberry Hound character.

"What we are dealing with here is an obvious violation of copyright law," said Mando. "We have undeniable evidence that the Huckleberry Hound character was created to look exactly like my client Mr. Bowen. If they believe that merely coloring an illustration of Mr. Bowen blue makes it their own property, they obviously haven’t done their copyright homework." 

Of course, it follows some sort of logic that the rare distraction for a team that avoids them like the plague would be a unique sort of distraction.

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Personally, I've never heard of Huckleberry Hound before, so label me late on the pile with this one.  That being said, some brief digging found that Huck's television stardom began in 1958, more than a tad before Bowen's birth.  But a quick search also indicated that there have been several incarnations of Huck, so the handiwork of YouTube user 'verbonator' provides us with one of what appears to be the newer (post-birth of Bowen) looks:

Bowen or not?  It's your call.  

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