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"This Is For Sota"

Drock has a touching look at the Kevin Garnett postgame shout out to TWolves fans. (hat tip to Red's Army):

"This is for Sota!"

With those four words, Kevin Garnett changed everything. Suddenly the gates to the mansion were flung open, and all the outsiders, like myself, were allowed to come flooding in. After nearly a year of silence from him regarding his original fans, the ones who stood by him since his first game, who suffered through every disappointment he had to face, and who loved him unconditionally, Garnett finally shouted across the universe how much we really meant to him. He hadn't forgotten us. He hadn't abandoned us. Even though he followed through with his new responsibility - to bleed Celtic green and endear himself to the Boston fans, it didn't mean he had tossed us aside.  

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