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Daily Links 7/8

Herald   Paul Pierce pushes for James Posey     
FBI to look at Celtics fan death    
Round 1 to Michael Beasley: His Heat top Derrick Rose’s Bulls     
Bucks’ Richard Jefferson says he’ll work well with Michael Redd       
Globe    Raw material     
Truth is, Pierce still celebrating     
Letter to Ray Allen:  Living, growing, and learning to deal with diabetes    Post ups notebook      

More Links After the Jump      

CelticsBlog   Unexpected plan in backcourt for hicag?  
Summer of Posey        
LOY's Place   Salary cap day updates          
Celtics 24/7   Bill Walker workout       
Red's Army   The all time Celtics roster     
Orlando Sentinel   Paul Pierce wants Green team to retain James Posey    
Post Bulletin   Former Boston star Dee Brown happy for new champions   
Sports of Boston    Player review:   Brian Scalabrine        
Vinyard Gazette   Edgartown Parade marches on with flags, fireworks and fog    
Bleacher Report   What if... The NBA all Oakland team        
Chris Mullin's make or break summer      
Why Corey Maggette is better for the Celtics       
Thin free agent class tests Texas triangle    This is for Sota       
ESPN     Diop commits to Mavericks, Green agrees to deal     
Can Danny?    Posey vs Maggette vs Miles?      
Hornet's Beat    Hornets focusing attention on Posey    
Wildcat Blogs   Ex Wildcat Shakur works out with the Celtics   
Armchair GM    Free agency for dummies part 2   
Serious Hoops Blog   Maggette is the top free agent out there       
Hoopsworld    Free Agency Watch day 7            
YouTube   Offseason workouts of Deng, Arenas, Farmer and Big Baby     
The Scores Report   How much are these guys worth?      
FanHouse    Pistons, Cavs latest teams to have interest in Corey Maggette     
Yahoo Sports    Knicks energized by the Danilo Gallinari pick        
Foreign picks not worth the risk      
Rondo may only be beginning to tap his potential        
The Great Sports Debate     Calling out the Wiz      
TrueHoop   An evolving D-League      
First cup Tuesday      
In the Zzone   Reflections on and from Richard     
The Boston Score   Ainge is salary cap, revenge mastermind    
Lex Nihil Novi     1986 C's take 3-0 lead over Bucks    
Peace and love from  Ringo         
Lakers play waiting game too       
What's wrong with this picture?       
WGEM News Today   Top 10 basketball films      
The Bulletin   Would Smith give the Sixers too many athletes?   
Orlando Sentinel   5 reasons Corey Maggette should go to Orlando     
ESPN     Adding Davis makes the Clippers instantly relevant  
Times Picayune   Hornets focusing attention on Posey       

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