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What Is Maggette Worth?

TrueHoop has this link to Matt Steinmetz of

  • First off, Maggette is injury prone. He's been in the league nine seasons and has played 70 or more games just four times in his career. Maggette's body says Iron Man; his stats say Tin Man.
  • Maggette is a great sub, the kind of aggressive scorer you love coming off the bench. He has a shoot first mentality and is a mediocre defender at best. In other words, as a sixth man he's great, as a starter he's not.
  • Maggette has made it clear he wants to start and be a primary offensive option. But he's the type of high-maintenance player who doesn't make teammates better. In fact, because he doesn't create much, there tends to be a lot of standing around when he's got the ball on the perimeter.
  • Maggette has never played for a winner. His teams have missed the playoffs in eight of the nine seasons he's been in the league. The one year a Maggette team made the playoffs was in 2006, when the Clippers made it to the postseason. That year Maggette played 32 games.

Corey Maggette at three years, $16 or $17 million or so ... maybe. Corey Maggette at five years for $40 million? No way.

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