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Daily Links 7/9

Herald   No worries from Danny Ainge     
Globe    Trying to get past his past    
Posey officially on market    
76ers land Brand as Clippers are caught short     
Maggette to Warriors     
CelticsBlog     The best way to lose the Maggette sweepstakes     
LOY's Place     Signing day rumors and updates     
Next couple of years will be big for the future of the franchise      
ESPN    In Clippers country, Brand's departure is business as usual 
Magic lure Pietrus away from Warriors  
Red's Army   It's past midnight, do you know where your free agents are? 

More Links After the Jump     

Sports of Boston    Celtics four point play 7/9         
Dallas News   Green can dunk, but Dallas Mavericks want to know if he can play     
Star Tribune   Swap with 76ers adds bodies plus leverage        
ProJo    Celtics' title run has Paul Pierce hungry for more    
Plain Dealer   Cleveland Cavaliers' focus turns to James Posey    
Free agency a dominoes game for Cavaliers       
Detroit Bad Boys   The free agent market gets smaller     
Hartford Courant  Sixers clear space to sign Brand     
The Daily News    Ping Pong with a Celtics sharpshooter     
Yahoo Sports   Mantras all new draftees should learn      
Sporting News   Darius Miles could cost the Blazers $27 million       
NY Post    Steph making his point     
Hoopsworld   Rumors:  Waiting period almost over     
Ball Don't Lie   Orlando Summer League:  Santa Doc      
Dueling Couches   Celtics could miss out on Posey and Maggette      
Comcast SportsNet   Pierce:   I want Doc to be here  
TrueHoop   What is Corey Maggette worth?      
Lex Nihil Novi   Jerry West's anguish part III       
Larry Siegfried, the bad          
Jerry West on KG vs Kobe      
Walton:  Who's got the beer?      
Metro    New opportunity        
Green Bandwagon    Heinsohn Don't You Ever Smile?  Book review   
Bleacher Report    Spurs:  A game plan after the Maggette snub     

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