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Boston Celtics YouTube Magic: Eddie House's Son

I wrote off Celtics Now before I ever watched it, only to see it surprise me on numerous occasions. In the long run I was wrong. It had plenty of nice moments, including a story on Eddie House's son, Jalen, attending home playoff games. It killed me for three reasons:

1. Tony Allen knocked Jalen down during one mini-celebration.

2. Jalen took part in one of the shirt throwing promotions.

3. I sat in the second row once last season and expected to hear a ton of swearing from Kevin Garnett and Eddie House. However, the carnival type atmosphere drowned out the C's bench for the most part. Although Tom Thibodeau persevered and was heard. Regardless young Jalen has to hear the F word on a semi-regular basis court side. Couple that with his ridiculous energy and I couldn't help but think of the following scenario.

The Houses Attend Jalen's First Grade Parent/Teacher Conference

Teacher: "To be honest we are concerned with Jalen's behavior. He frequently runs around the classroom knocking other students down with chest bumps, aggressive high fives, and jump celebrations. Furthermore, he recently held auditions for a dance team. Several of the girls he cut were devastated, prompting complaints from home. At the same time many of the girls who made Jalen's dance squad are completely disinterested in academics, as make up and wardrobe changes dominate their lives. I tried to get Jalen to disband the dance team and asked him how he would feel if his sisters were put through such a stressful experience. Jalen simply said, 'I don't have any sisters motha f#$%a!' I said how about cousins? He replied, 'It's like I tell my uncle blood is thicker than water but Rondo's better.' I don't even know what that means. So I gave up on the dance squad. Meanwhile, every time Jalen answers a question correctly he runs around the classroom beating his chest, staring off into space, and screaming 'motha f#$%a' repeatedly. Of course Jalen maintains that he is not staring off into space. Rather he is looking into the 'motha f#$%in cameras trying to f#$% up the f#$%in 7-second delay.' I'm at a loss here."

So yeah, um enjoy the clip.

Celtics Lucky - Eddie House's son (via Hrvoje1313)

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