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Odd Big Man Signing In Milwaukee

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It looks like the Bucks are closing the deal on a new back-up center.

As reported on Thursday by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Charles F. Gardner:

Francisco Elson will have a chance to move into the backup center role behind Andrew Bogut, pending a deal between the Milwaukee Bucks and the 7-foot native of the Netherlands.

Sources said the Bucks were considering a potential two-year contract with Elson, who split time last season with the San Antonio Spurs and Seattle SuperSonics.

Calvin Andrews, Elson’s agent, told a Denver media outlet Thursday that an oral agreement was in place with the Bucks.

I'm curious as to how much money Milwaukee shelled out for this guy, and if it isn't a ton, surprised if there wasn't a comparable offer from a contender.


Elson isn't a great player by any means, but he is a productive big body with championship experience.  He averages better than 9 points and 8 boards per 36 minutes, doesn't take a lot of shots, sets hard screens and plays some defense down low.  He played significant minutes on the Spurs' title team in 2006-07 and can also give a hard foul when necessary.

The general philosophy in the NBA is that a team can't have enough competent big men, and there are certainly a few contenders that could use some size off the bench.  The guess here is that Milwaukee wouldn't have offered enough money to make it necessarily worth going there rather than to a better team, but the contract details remain to be seen. 

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