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2008 Men's Olympic Basketball - Iran vs. Lithuania

After a sound defeat to the Russians the Iranians came out swinging and built an early 14-6 lead. However, after a timeout, a couple of defensive stops, and 2 3-pointers the favored Lithuanians are right back in it. The best part? Without announcers I can hear the Lithuanian fans chanting just like Henry Abbott talked about on TrueHoop today. Right now Iran is up 18-12 and the Iranian Lithuanian fans are not in the least bit fazed.

UPDATE: After outscoring Iran 31-14 in the second quarter Lithuania is up 46-34 at the half. Strangely the stadium kicked off the half with the song, minus the Lil Penny voice over, from the following commercial playing over the loud speakers:

Nike lil Penny classic commercial (via DaniBoxx)

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