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Solid Off-Season for Young Hawk

We're not talking about Josh Smith this time, though $58 million seems pretty solid, too.  But Marvin Williams sounds like he's doing his share of good for his future as well, albeit in a different way.

As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Sekou Smith:

Q: This has to have been the craziest summer yet for you as a Hawk, watching guys come and go and all the other stuff play out the way it has. How have you spent the bulk of your time?

A: You know me, the past few summers I've gone back to school, so to speak. Being here [in Chapel Hill] is kind of like my refuge. I've done pretty well in school.

Q: What about your game? What new wrinkles have you added for your fourth season?

A: As always I'm just trying to get better. I've been shooting a ton of 3s [3-pointers]. I've definitely been working on the 3-ball. And I've put on a lot of weight, too. I'm up to about 245 with seven percent body fat. I'm as big and strong as I've ever been. I'm finally starting to fill out my frame, and it feels good.

This sounds like a guy who has his eye both on improving his game and life after basketball.


One of the Hawks' hoard of versatile forward draftees over the last few seasons, Williams has made strides but has yet to reach the potential that so many saw when he was drafted second overall in 2005.  While the likelihood remains that he'll never make the Hawks forget that they skipped over Chris Paul and Deron Williams for him, Marvin Williams still has a lot of room to grow, and the attitude certainly sounds good.  Working to improve both his game and his conditioning...and going to school, to boot.  It's hard to imagine Hawks fans could want any more from this guy as far as his summer habits are concerned.

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