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Daily Links 8/11

Globe    Chinese fans root for Yao, but dream of Kobe      
MetroWest Daily   Phelps now 2 for 2 (Not basketball, but very exciting)       
CelticsBlog   Hawks do themselves a favor      
LOY's Place    Rumors and Free Agent Updates - Olympics edition    
Red's Army    Lessons from China thumping      
Star Tribune   Glen Taylor:  Moving forward, in a return to yesteryear      
Nashua Telegraph    Celtics will return to N.H.      
3 Shades of Blue    Talking with Eric Musselman        
Connecticut Post    Perkins' Props: Punched Pistons     
Bleacher Report    All NBA under 25 team          
News Record   Great athletes of decades past weren't one trick ponies         
Minnesota Sports Scene   Gomes' contract for 5 years, $21 million        
Time    US-China hoops:  Everyone scores      
Inglewood Weekly    Local basketball hero pays it forward       
And One  Al Lewis:  Basketball scout, political activist and, oh yeah, Grandpa Munster    
The Sport Count    Reality Shows of the NBA       
Hoopsworld     Eastern Conference All Breakout team      
Lex Nihil Novi    Chick Hearn was Lakers' Most      
Dueling triple doubles      
Sports of Boston     Celtics' player review:   Eddie House  

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