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Burning Boston Celtics Questions

Green Bandwagon is in serious danger of going from being an "Unofficial Boston Celtics blog" to "Officially not a Boston Celtics Blog". In my defense it has been a slow summer. No summer league team. No Olympians. And not that I'm complaining, no major trades, depending upon how you feel about Bill Walker of course. Ultimately it has been quiet ever since James Posey left town, opening the door for Eddie House and Tony Allen to re-sign. Still I wanted to throw out a few questions I have as the '09 season approaches, while simultaneously holding on to an admittedly tenuous grip on Celtics themed blog status. Here goes:

5. Will Gabe Pruitt bring anything to the table for a team that does not play its home games in Utah? This squad is all of the sudden full of questions. Will J.R. Giddens prove to be a model citizen while capitalizing on his potential? Will Bill Walker sign, pull a Leon Powe, and overcome a difficult injury past? And see #4. As a result Pruitt is flying under the radar a bit. For a guy entering his second NBA season I know shockingly little about him. He's not afraid to shoot, has good size if he ends up as a 1, and possesses a good looking jumper. What else is there?

4. Will redemption be spelled P.O.B.? That's right Patrick O'Bryant. He's 7 feet tall, with tremendous upside. At the same time Kevin Garnett provides a little MJ/Kwame Brown potential. And that's not a good thing. For the record I spent a fair amount of time last off season thinking about Jackie Manuel and Brandon Wallace. This seems better.

3. What's next for the Tony Allen experience? It's been a long, strange ride as is. He's allegedly healthy/confident and, believe it or not, is heading into his 5th NBA season. I'm hopeful because he's still in the NBA despite 2 knee injuries and the White Palace Grill incident. It will be huge if he provides perimeter D off the bench, while helping keep Ray Allen and Paul Pierce's minutes in check.

2. How much better will Rajon Rondo be this season? He improved significantly between his first and second seasons, will turn 23 in February, and, outside of roller skating, appears entirely focused on basketball. I encourage you to click on the roller skating link, read the 1st comment, remember how the 2008 season ended, and exchange a sick high five* with a friend. Bonus points if you are at work.

1. Last time I checked Doc Rivers' assistant coaches did not have contracts. Of course with all my focus on the Olympics this may have been resolved. Still my Internet searches have been futile. Just know that I expect to see Tom Thibodeau and Clifford Ray on the sideline when the LeBrons come to town for opening night (October 28th).

* If you are alone, a fist pump will suffice.

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