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Cavs To Add Some Mo?

That's the new rumor out of Cleveland.

As reported by the News-Herald's Bob Finnan:

A league source said the Cavs might be pursuing Bucks point guard Mo Williams. All the details aren’t known, but the Cavs, Bucks and Oklahoma City (formerly Seattle) are reportedly involved.

Bucks general manager John Hammond has made it known he has no intention of parting with shooting guard Michael Redd, a longtime target of the Cavs.

Perhaps Cavs general manager Danny Ferry went for the next best thing.

This one is sure to get the blood boiling for loyal CelticsBlog member Who, our resident detractor of all subjects Mo Williams.

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Not sure how to feel about this idea. 

Williams is a shoot-first point guard heading into the second season of a mega-deal that has five years and $43 million remaining on it.  With a player like LeBron James playing his own brand of point forward, it isn't essential that the Cavs have a great facilitator of a point guard in the traditional sense given how much of the offense is run out of LBJ's hands.  What may matter more is having a guard on the floor who can handle the ball but who can also knock down shots, add a scoring threat and spread the floor for the royalty.

Williams can no doubt score, having put up 17 points per game in each of the last two seasons in Milwaukee.  The question remains his efficiency.  He had a very nice 2007-08 season from that perspective, going for 38.5 percent shooting from deep and a true shooting of 56.6 percent.  The problem is that this appears to be the aberration rather than the rule for Williams, who has a career true shooting of 52.1 percent and had never previously broken 51.9 in a season.

The guy has taken 15.4 and 13.9 field goals per game each of the last two seasons, figures a bit high for playing next to LeBron.  But Williams would provide an additional threat and force defenses to pay attention to him. 

I'm interested to see how Cleveland plays this one. 

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