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Daily Links 8/13

Herald     NBA talent to Europe: Trend, or just a trickle?     
Globe     Kobe's No. 1 China      
Parker is already standing tall, and has room to grow      
Let the Games begin    
CelticsBlog    Good News:  Cliff Ray at it again       
Welcome back Flash?      
LOY's Place   Rumors and free agent updates - Mixed messages edition  
Hoopsworld    Pacers set to surprise the East?      
The Sports Count   Most missable games of the 2008-09 schedule     Chemistry 201       
The Wages of Wins Journal    Is Minnesota the worst NBA franchise in the history of the league?   
Green Bandwagon    Burning Boston Celtics questions    
Yardbarker     What's good?  - Rajon Rondo's blog       
Bleacher Report    Kevin Garnett:   Keep them hungry, keep them aggressive     
OC Register  Maybe Paul Pierce is the best player in the world    Kobe tops list of most popular jerseys in China
Beacon    Celtic to howl at Pirate port      
Lex Nihil Novi   More musings from Grampa Celtic      
Garnett vs Gasoft            
The Ainge drama continues  
Eagle Tribune   US men won't overlook Greece this time  

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