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2008 Olympic Basketball: Men's Preliminary Standings

Group A

Lithuania: 3-0
Argentina: 2-1
Croatia: 2-1
Russia: 1-2
Australia: 1-2
Iran: 0-3

Group B

USA: 3-0
Spain: 3-0
Germany: 1-2
Greece: 1-2
China: 1-2
Angola: 0-3

The US leads all teams, and it's not close, in points scored (290), while not surprisingly Iran is last in that regard (184). On the flip side Argentina and Spain have the stingiest defenses (200 points allowed), while Angola's 277 points allowed narrowly edges Iran's total. Although one has to imagine that pace has a lot to do with it. I caught a good chunk of the Argentinians' game yesterday and they did not look to make it a track meet.

Stats courtesy of NBC.

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