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Felton Not a Goner In Charlotte?

It looks like our (by which I sadly mean "my") post-draft speculation was wrong after all.

As reported by HOOPSWORLD's Jessica Camerato:

Raymond Felton is taking his role as co-captain of the Charlotte Bobcats to heart next season. After playing under two coaches in three seasons, he has already to dedicated himself to his newest coach's system. Felton is buying into Larry Brown's winning history just as much as Brown is buying into his leadership.

"I've had several meetings with Coach Brown," Felton told [HOOPSWORLD] at the 2008 adidas Nations Experience in Dallas. "There's been good meetings. There's been meetings of, 'I'm going to be very demanding of you Raymond. You're the captain. You're the leader of this team along with J-Rich (Jason Richardson) and Gerald (Wallace), so I'm demanding a lot from you. I'm expecting a lot from you. I'm expecting you to lead these guys.' So I'm putting all that on my shoulders. I'm looking forward to it."

Definitely happy to hear about this one.

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It appeared when the Bobcats drafted D.J. Augustin from Texas with their first-round pick that Felton's days as the floor general in Charlotte were numbered and likely over altogether.  He has not progressed with the same speed that the two other prominent point guards of his draft class have (Chris Paul and Deron Williams), and his inefficient shooting and mediocre defensive presence weren't likely to thrill the new coach in town.

But Felton also has immense potential, and he has been able to put up decent scoring and assist figures while saddled with the tasks of leading undermanned and poorly coached teams over his first three years and the league.  He is incredibly quick and loves to push the ball, and he attacks the rim well enough to be very effective in penetrate-and-kick and screen-and-rolls sets.  Brown will be a major step up from the coaching he has had since leaving North Carolina, and it would be great to see Felton make a leap over the next year or two and secure himself as the point guard of the future in Charlotte.

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