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Mike & Paul In The Morning

Tune in tomorrow morning to Mike & Mike in the Morning to hear Paul Pierce co-host with Mike Greenberg.  Sounds like a great lineup too.  Via Awful Announcing:

While all sports topics will be covered, special call-in guests will include Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck (7:40 a.m.), head coach Doc Rivers (8:10 a.m.), and GM Danny Ainge (9:40 a.m.).

Of course it probably won't be anything groundbreaking.  In my mind I'd want him to ask questions like:

  • Hey Wyc, just how much luxury tax ARE you willing to spend?
  • Hey Wyc, why did you vote in favor of robbing Seattle of their franchise?
  • Hey Doc, who's the backup 3 right now?
  • Hey Doc, with the game on the line, which point guard to you put on the floor right now?
  • Hey Danny, how would you rank the remaining free agents?
  • Hey Danny, who's more likely to be traded in the next year; Leon or Big Baby?
  • Hey me, why do I think I'm the best player in the world?

Sadly, I have a feeling the questions will be a little more like "so, how about that Phelps guy?" and "did you like my outfit at the Espys?"

But of course I'll be listening.  We might get some interesting tid bits.

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