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Reason To Be Nervous In Portland?

The angel of surgical worry may have descended upon the Blazers once more this summer.

As reported by the Associated Press:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP)—Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy will have arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a tear in the meniscus of his left knee.

Am MRI, taken Tuesday revealed the tear, the team said Wednesday. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday.

Certainly it's a good thing that it isn't the big boy from Ohio State again, but after Greg Oden's conclusion to last summer, one would have to think Portland fans can't help but be a bit nervous here.


Oden may be the franchise centerpiece going forward, but Brandon Roy has been the heart and soul of the Blazers for the last two seasons.  One of the game's best young players and already a team captain, Roy's wiser-than-his-years-of-experience presence has been a major steadying factor for the Blazers, and he has established himself as a cornerstone in Portland for a long time to come.

Here's hoping the surgery won't require a recovery that stretches into the season. 

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