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Finley Picks Spurs Over Celtics

Finley signed with the Spurs (ESPN):

Contract specifics were not immediately available, but sources say Finley's decision came down to a choice between staying with the Spurs or joining the Boston Celtics as the reigning champs' replacement for James Posey, who signed with the New Orleans Hornets earlier this summer.  Sources say the two-time All-Star also drew strong interest from the Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers.

One of the things we heard from Ainge in the past was that he would be open if a free agent decided to take less money to sign with us, but they were not really out pursuing anyone.  Works for me.  Finley would have added some experience to the bench, but he has been a shell of his former self for a while now. 

I wonder if the C's will turn their attention elsewhere or get Bill Walker signed.  Or maybe they'll just keep waiting for something to shake loose.  Remember, Posey didn't sign here till August 27 last year.  You never know what might happen.

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