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Legal Trouble In Houston

The good news is that it's not Ron Artest.

The bad news is that it is somebody else.

As reported by the Associated Press:

Houston Rockets point guard Rafer Alston is due in court Thursday for an arraignment on a misdemeanor drunken driving charge.

Alston, 32, was arrested about 2:30 a.m. last Thursday and released on a $500 bond, police records show. A call to his agent, Dan Fegan, was not immediately returned Tuesday. The Rockets had no immediate comment, team spokesman Nelson Luis said.

Come on, Rafer.


Alston has worked very hard in his time in the league to shed his former image of sideshow playground baller and establish himself in the league as a legitimate point guard, and for the most part he has been increasingly successful in doing so.  But he also can't seem to get out of his own way: This is at least his third brush with the law over the last two years, with previous incidents having included a confrontation with a parking lot attendant and a night club altercation, though the charges were later dropped for the latter.  No matter where Alston is trying to establish himself (once it was And1 as "Skip to My Lou," now the NBA), continuously getting into trouble cannot be helping his cause.

The guy has become an important part of a Western contender, and it would be in everyone's best interests in Houston for him to keep his behavior on the right path going forward.  For his and his team's sake - as well as all the innocent folks on the roads -- here's hoping he can do just that. 

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