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More Fun Ben Gordon Chatter

A bit late on this one, but since we've been following the story, let's make sure we get the latest inflammatory Ben Gordon quotes down here.

As reported by ESPN's Chris Broussard: 

"I guess it's safe to say I've played my last game in a Bulls uniform," Gordon said.

Gordon, who has led the Bulls in scoring the past three seasons, said his agent, Raymond Brothers, has been speaking with other teams about sign-and-trade possibilities.

"I'm pretty optimistic it'll happen," said Gordon, who averaged 18.6 points last season. "It's very likely."

Brothers refused to name the teams he's spoken with, but added playing in Europe is also a possibility. He said the only certainty is Gordon will not sign the Bulls' one-year qualifying offer of $6.4 million.

The bridges have officially begun to smolder.


One has to wonder exaclty what sort of advice Raymond Brothers is giving Gordon.  It isn't a player's market right now, and one would guess that most teams remain uninterested in paying Gordon the sort of top-tier money he wants for leading the Bulls in scoring over the last couple of seasons.  Taking the qualifying offer seems to remain his best domestic option, and making the comments he is - even if he is only bluffing - just seems silly at this point.

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