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Topic Du Jour: Big Baby


Scott Souza had a nice writeup on Big Baby this weekend.  Rather than heading home, Davis has spent the majority of time in Waltham this summer.

While Davis is always reticent to talk about exact scale readings, he does appear a bit sleeker than the 289 pounds the 6-foot-8 power forward was listed at last season. Weight management has always been an issue for Davis, and even as he made strides after playing at well over 300 pounds during his junior year at LSU, he realized he had to go a lot further to become the player he is capable of being.

"It was the experience of being around guys who are more disciplined," he said. "Seeing how hard work pays off. That's been really the key seeing these veterans and what they do, and why they are so good. That's helped me tremendously, tremendously. That has helped establish me as a player and wanting to be great in this league."

Davis was inconsistent in his first year in the league, but was also a bit better than most of us could have hoped.  At times he split time with Leon Powe and even filled in at center in a small ball look.

What can we hope for out of Davis now that he's got a year of championship experience under his XXL belt?


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