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WEEI has launched a new website and has gobbled up a number of writers to develop an online presence in the new media era.  The list had included Rob Bradford, Mike Felger, and Ron Borges, but it just got a lot more interesting since they've just announced another addition: Will Leitch, formerly of

In an interview on Scott's Shots, Will compares himself to Bill Simmons:

"I’d be pretty honored to be compared to Simmons, until you realize how poorly one measures up to Simmons, and then I’m screwed," said Leitch. "Simmons oozed Boston sports from his pores back in the day; I won’t be doing that. I couldn’t if I tried. But hey, nobody wants a St. Louis Sports Guy. If people are expecting me to be a new Simmons, they’ll be sorely disappointed. But I don’t think anybody expects that."

He adds to the self depricating theme in his first article on the site.  Concluding with this paragraph:

Listen: I have no idea how this is going to work, and I’m pretty certain I’m going to write something extremely ignorant and unaware, likely in every column. I promise that if I make a single chowdah joke I will give you my home address, and you will be formally invited to come over and beat me to a bloody pulp. But for less egregious offenses, I beg you to write me and let me know at But let’s get ‘er started here. We’re a couple weeks from the best two months of the sports season, and Boston will be right in the middle of it. As always.

Welcome to Boston Will.

You guys and gals can write him and encourage him to write a few stories about the Celtics if you like.  I'm just happy to see another new-media heavyweight focused on the area.  I'm glad that WEEI is making this push.  At worst it is a fun experiment that doesn't work out.  At best, it could raise the bar and encourage a new level of writing and online interactivity with fans (something we believe in very strongly around here).

Also, a WEEI item related to the Celtics (Scott's Shots):

It’s reasonable to expect a Celtics columnist to be brought on in the coming weeks. Shots confirmed that Jackie MacMullan was pursued aggressively but currently she is too busy on her own book project to contribute to That likely is a fluid situation and could change at any time. Peter May is probably also in the mix, but we’d rather see an up-and-comer grab the Celts spot.

I agree.  Steer clear of May-day.  I vote for Scott Souza.

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