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Daily Links 8/19

Globe   Friends of the court     
His work in Boston led to promotion    
Down underdogs next for dominant US men      
CelticsBlog  Intrigued by a certain second round Tiger  
 Floor Burn semifinals.... Don't forget to vote for Leon       
LOY's Place   Obstacles to repeating as Champions        
Rumors and Free Agent Updates - Clippers All Davis Team Edition   
Lex Nihil Novi   Once a Zen mistress always a Zen mistress    
KG's face         
Doc's other shot at the Zen mistress    
Can Danny?    Summer Rankings:  Eastern Conference         
Eagle Tribune  Sacramone doesn't have a chokehold on wilting under pressure      
Delco Times   Iguodala cashes check, starts title talk
Bleacher Report    Rick Pitino:  College basketball Icon  (and Celtics nightmare)   
Proviso Insider  Doc Rivers honored by Proviso and Maywood         
Dallas News   That's why it's a team game        Titanic, as in gigantic      
And One   Greasy fries,  handsome ladies and a phenomenon called Basket Ball      
St Tammy News    Celtics' Brown lending support to YouthTruth    
NBA Obsessed   Boston Celtics take it to the East       
TrueHoop   Diamond or rough?  Suns unearth something in Dragic   
Hoopsworld   The NBA's top assistant coaches    (Celtics have 2 of them)      
CNET    NBA to stream live local games            
BostonSportZ    Celtics update time     

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