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Daily Links 8/20

Herald    Celts’ Ray Allen says ‘I do’ to another ring      
Globe    Ray Allen ties the knot      
Americans are a focus group     
CelticsBlog  Circling dates     
A South Beach return for a Flashy shooter?      
LOY's Place    Rumors and free agent updates - Lots of guard rumors edition      
Hoopsworld   The Summer of 2009     
The most upside - Team edition     
BBW Forums   Team USA:  Why it's lost and why it'll win this year      
Contra Costa Times   Powe back home a champ     
The News Star  Louisiana Tech to honor PJ Brown at Mississippi State game    A Jermaine question       
Hoopsvibe   Death to combo guards      
Red's Army   Oh Antoine         
Mercury News   Phelps is star attraction at US men's rout of Germany in basketball   
Clips Nation    Trading spaces        
Hoopshype   Artest is not afraid to be the bad guy      
Give Me the Rock   Top 10 fantasy basketball value picks       
Green Bandwagon   Doc Rivers parade in Maywood, IL    
And One   Lego my mini Sports Village      
Can Danny?    Summer Rankings Western conference       
Lex Nihil Novi   I'm not Larry Holmes      
Smokin' Joe    
Fakers choke again     

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