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Around The Internets With CelticsBlog

Its the offseason and that means I get a chance to play around a little bit.  In particular I like finding stuff out on that place called the world wide web and use it as a resource for CelticsBlog.  Here are some examples:

Facebook:  I actually got kind of roped into doing this since I've resisted the idea of starting one for a while.  (for someone that writes online every day, I'm a pretty private person)  But I got invited to join a Facebook Fantasy Football league and I broke down and signed up.  However, instead of making a private account, I just made one for CelticsBlog.

What might be of more interest to you is the CelticsBlog Facebook group that Bob set up.  Just on word of mouth there are over 50 members and it could be a great place to meet and "friend" other Celtics fans.

YouTube:  Last October I set up a CelticsBlog YouTube account and then promptly forgot about it.  Which is a shame because it could be a great resource for finding great videos, highlights, interviews, mixes, and whatever else you can think of.  So please join up and add some of your favorite Celtics items.

Flickr:  You may or may not have any use for this, but I think it is great.  They just added technology to be able to resize and edit photos and save them online.  Which might save me a little bit of time posting items.  Oh yeah, and there's some random pictues in there that I may or may not have had a chance to use on the blog yet.  (like gangsta Tommy)

Twitter:  Started this a few months ago.  It has an auto-publisher that posts links to blog posts. Pretty neat stuff and it lets me follow a few other sites/friends that I might not have thought to before.

BallHype:  I love BallHype.  It is a great resource for staying on top of the latest news and buzz around the league.  As a bonus, it helps promote CelticsBlog, so bookmark this page and hype us up!

YardBarker:  Another quality resource much like BallHype, but with more of a Facebook feel and with athlete blogs (like Rajon).

I'm sure there's more out there, and if you think I'm missing something that would be of use to me, CelticsBlog, or the rest of this community, please let me know in the comments below.

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