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MVN Looks At O'Bryant

Manchvegas Bob of MVN looks at Patrick O'Bryant:

I like to look over the "bust" moniker he’s sported in San Francisco, and think he was the surrogate lottery pick for the Celtics this past summer!

Since he’s apparently been the only Celtic making strides this summer, I thought we’d give him another shout, and ask the question: "Will POB be able to pull himself up by the boot straps with the Celtics and break into the rotation?".

He also quotes Jessica Camareto:

HOOPSWORLD's Steve Kyler reported Ray has been preaching the importance of hustle, energy, and conditioning to O'Bryant, who will also be expected to run the floor. O'Bryant averaged less than five minutes per game last season with the Golden State Warriors but he could see as many as 10 to 12 minutes next season (and even average three blocks per game) if he follows through.

This jump in playing time is not guaranteed, though. Informed sources have noted that O'Bryant, 22, is still trying to figure out how to use his two-guard mentality in his seven-foot frame. He lacks the post moves of a traditional big man but his offensive repertoire does include a nice shooting touch and sky hook. O'Bryant's style is best suited for a fast pace system, so if he wants to stick in Boston he will have to maximize his physical tools with commitment and a sense of urgency. 

Interesting, but I get hung up on that last line.  Wasn't the Golden State style fast paced?  Wasn't he pretty lost in that system?  Regardless, it seems to me that the guy needs to get his head and heart in the game and focus on defense and rebounding and let the rest come to him over time.

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