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Flash Has It In For the Doubters

Yep, Dwyane Wade is definitely throwing some salt in my wounds with this one.  And rightfully so.

As reported by Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski:

"There are a lot of people questioning if you’re going to come back, and how you’ll come back," [Jerry] Colangelo told him "You came into this league hungrier than heck and led your team to a championship. And now people think you’ve fallen off with your injuries.

"If I was you, I’d be really upset about that. I’d come in with a chip on my shoulder."

"I was written off in one year quicker than anybody had ever been," Wade said in a private moment before practice Tuesday. "Being injured, it was like I had forgotten how to play basketball. But it made me hungry. And it put me back in the position where I’ve always been. And that’s the underdog."

Hard to dispute the star guard on this one.

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I confessed last week that my perception of Wade had dropped to some extent because of his 95 games missed in his first five seasons, the majority of which have come over the last two years.  So perhaps I should take some solace in not being alone in being dopey on this one.

Flash has turned this summer into his own personal world tour to remind everybody out there that he is likely one of the ten best active players on this planet.  He has been utterly spectacular for Team USA so far and if healthy should be a terror on a nightly basis for the Heat this year.  He's certainly right that the doubts were there, and it's a pleasure to see him changing our minds back again. 

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