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Celtics Sign Darius Miles

dmiles.jpgYou wanted something done so you can talk about it.  Now Danny has done something that will have a lot of people talking.  He's signed Darius Miles.

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The Celtics announced today that they have signed free agent forward Darius Miles. More to come.

My initial reaction is that I love it.  Like Patrick O'Bryant, it is another low risk, high reward move by Danny.  If Miles can stay healthy, keep the knuckleheaddery to a minimum, and put in a good effort, it can't help but be a win situation. Surrounded by a veteran, championship cast, I don't see why the second two can't be achieved.

He's got more talent than just about anyone else we could have picked up at the position.  He can't replace Posey, but he makes me feel better about the backup 3 position.

From RealGM:

"Darius has been in twice for workouts with us and has impressed us with his progress, health, and attitude;" said Danny Ainge, Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations/General Manager. "Darius will have the next couple of months to prove to myself and Coach Rivers that he can help us win."

"I’ve watched the Boston Celtics play a lot last year and loved what I saw in their teamwork and chemistry on the court and it’s the team that I want to try to resume my career with." said Miles. "I am excited about having an opportunity to play on a team that I feel my personality fits with and a team that can have great success on the court."

One last quote:

"He's healthy. He has a great attitude. He's ready to resume his career," said Ainge.

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Update/Reminder: "Reportedly Miles' next NBA season, assuming there is one, will begin with a ten-game suspension, reportedly for taking the drug phentermine, which has been described as a diet pill." - Henry Abbott

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