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Livingston Getting There

It looks like time has only been good to Shaun Livingston from the standpoint of his health and being back on the basketball court.

As reported by the OC Register's Art Thompson III:

Shaun Livingston...has been playing five-on-five, for at least the past week and a half, at fitness trainer Tim Grover’s Attack Athletics facility in Chicago.

Clippers athletic trainer Jasen Powell confirmed Wednesday that Livingston has progressed to playing full-scale, full-court pickup games with the contingent of 20 or so NBA players that work out regularly at Grover’s site.

The 22-year old Livingston has spent the bulk of this summer working out there, primarily because the Clippers declined to extend a qualifying offer to him for the 2008-2009 season, then subsequently renounced their rights to him. Livingston is an unrestricted free agent.

It's nearly impossible to imagine this guy not getting a shot somewhere this season.

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The 6-foot-7 Livingston has been a favorite here for some time.  Even though he has yet to even come close to reaching his potential, watching him play is a joy as his height allows him a passing vision owned by few other point guards in the league, and his ability to run offenses both from the top of the circles and the low post is a valuable form of versatility.

The question here is the landing spot for Livingston.  Here's wondering if Golden State would be a good spot.  The Warriors play fast-paced basketball and are moving a combo-two guard to the point.  Might not hurt to have an excellent albeit injury-prone prospect behind Monta Ellis if they can get Livingston at the right price. 

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